Fashion-Forward Clothing Made to Accommodate Medical Devices

Vertige Adaptive is a fashion-forward adaptive wear brand catering to people with different health conditions and disabilities. This collection is focused on serving those who need clothing that can help accommodate their medical devices such as heart monitors, ostomy bags, feeding tubes, insulin pumps, central lines, picc lines, and ports. Everyone deserves to explore their personal style, which is why Vertige Adaptive is focused on fashion just as much as functionality. However, our adaptive features are super discrete, so you don't need to have a health condition to wear them!

About The Founder

Hi, I'm Haley Schwartz! I am originally from the Chicago area, but now reside in New York City since studying fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan.

Growing up I always knew I wanted to use fashion to help people. In college I realized that I have always used fashion as a way to cope with my experiences; from choosing clothing that would hide my heart monitor as a child, and dressing up in high school as a way to be seen for more than just my chronic illness, to spending hours on end sketching or designing something new when I wasn't well enough to leave the house. Fashion was what always kept me motivated.

I now hope to use fashion to help others living with chronic illnesses to better manage their conditions, while still allowing them to feel confident and fashion - forward!

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Vertige Adaptive was called out as one of five key influencing brands making a strong impact in the adaptive wear space.

Our Values

  • Inclusivity

    We strive to be a brand that includes groups of people not currently being represented in the fashion industry.

  • Empowerment

    Our goal is to provide the tools needed for people to look and feel their best, so everyone has the opportunity to preform at their highest capacity.

  • Commitment

    We are focused on building a brand that is customer focused and serves the disabled and chronically ill communities.

  • Service

    Serving others is the foundation that Vertige Adaptive is built on and something we will continue to practice as we move forward.